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TAZAAR joins PLASA: Europe's Leading Entertainment Industry Association

Lisa Stafford

3 Jan 2024

TAZAAR, a circular economy innovation company dedicated to advancing sustainable practices in electronic and electrical product manufacturing, has recently become a member of the Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA).

This membership marks a significant milestone for TAZAAR, demonstrating its commitment to the evolving landscape of the events and entertainments technology sector. PLASA, headquartered in Eastbourne, United Kingdom, plays a pivotal role in this industry, uniting companies that contribute to the dynamic world of lighting and sound technology.

By joining PLASA, TAZAAR is not just expanding its network but also reinforcing its dedication to supporting audio equipment manufacturing and retail members. TAZAAR enables brands to introduce cradle-to-cradle operations with unique digital logbooks. These advanced product records are not just a tool for brands to connect with their customers and provide streamlined aftersales services; they are a strategic move to comply proactively with proposed regulations on product traceability and accessible information. This initiative is especially relevant as it also paves the way for responsible end-of-life schemes, such as take-back programs, aligning with the principles of a circular economy.

TAZAAR's first engagement as a PLASA member will be at the PLASA Business Member Forum, an event dedicated to Sustainability & Carbon Reduction. This forum provides an excellent opportunity for TAZAAR to meet and network with other PLASA members who share a passion for integrating circular economy initiatives and transforming the entertainment industry. The aim is to ensure the long-term growth and prosperity of the industry through sustainable operations.

For TAZAAR, this is just the beginning of a transformative journey in collaboration with PLASA members, setting new sustainable industry benchmarks in the realm of professional lighting and sound.


TAZAAR Website:


PLASA Business Member Forum – Sustainability & Carbon Reduction:

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