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What is a Digital Product Passport?

A Digital Product Passport is essentially a digital twin of a physical product that contains all relevant information about its lifecycle. This includes data from production, through usage, to recycling and disposal. The DPP is accessible via a QR code or similar technology and is maintained in a secure database. Its purpose is to enhance transparency, enable better product tracking, improve compliance with regulations, and facilitate recycling and circular economy initiatives.

Benefits for Electronics and Electrical Manufacturers


Regulatory Compliance

With regulations increasingly focusing on sustainability and right-to-repair laws, DPPs help manufacturers comply with such requirements more easily. They provide clear, accessible data that can prove compliance with environmental standards and other regulations.


Enhanced Product Lifecycle Management

By having detailed data about each stage of a product’s lifecycle, manufacturers can improve their processes for efficiency and sustainability. This includes better management of resources, optimisation of production processes, and improved waste management.


Facilitation of the Circular Economy

DPPs support the circular economy by making it easier to reuse and recycle parts and materials. Manufacturers can use the information in a DPP to facilitate product returns, refurbishment, and recycling, reducing environmental impact and costs.

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