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Our AssetID Platform

TAZAAR modernises brand management with its pioneering digital product identity technology, seamlessly integrated into our AssetID platform—a comprehensive CRM tailored for products. This innovative platform enables brands to not only manage but also enhance their post-sales product and customer interactions. 

Customer Engagement

Deepen customer engagement by offering personalised experiences and proactive support, turning every customer interaction into an opportunity for growth and loyalty.

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Streamline Aftersales Activities

Simplify product registration, manage services and provide centralised access to detailed product information.

Product Performance Insights 

Capture service history data to offer deep insights into product performance, enabling product managers to identify trends and areas for improvement towards cradle-to-cradle products.

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Co-created with Industry Partners

UK-based Support


3rd Party


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AssetID powered Digital Product Identity

Our Digital Product Identity technology leverages your whole value chain


Product Traceability


Compliance and Reporting

Proves authenticity & improves brand experience for Manufacturers


Customer Service

Streamlines servicing & trade-in for Dealers and Refurbishment Professionals.

Enables compliance & ESG reporting for Distributors



Boosts resale value & captures product story for Owners

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