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Digital Product Logbooks for 

High End Electronics

to capture lifetime ownership and service history.

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At TAZAAR, We Elevate your Brand's Legacy

Unlock a new era of brand storytelling with TAZAAR. We provide cutting-edge technology that enhances the ownership experience of every product you create. Our unique digital logbooks begin chronicling each item’s journey, capturing every significant milestone from sale to service, and beyond.

Our digital logbooks don't just record events; they embed personal stories into the fabric of each item, making your luxury possessions not only valuable but truly irreplaceable. With TAZAAR, valuable items become heirloom-worthy, complete with a verified history and provenance that celebrate their role in your customer's life’s narrative.

With TAZAAR, every product has a story. Let’s make sure it's worth telling.

Key Benefits

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Embedded Product traceability

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Through product life

customer engagement.

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Stronger resale value with verified history.

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EU Digital Product Passport readiness

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Streamline customer support.

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Centralised, digital product information

Would you like to embed product traceability and lifetime customer engagement into your products?


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Young Innovator Award 2022/23

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Greenhouse accelerator Cohort 5

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SoundTech Accelerator

Meet the Team

Lisa Stafford - CEO

Lisa Stafford


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Harji Gill - BDR

Harji Gill

Business Development

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Ashley Smith - CTO

Ashley Smith


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Matthew Turner - CFO

Matthew Turner


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Get in Touch

To connect with us about our product, pricing, a potential collaboration or careers, please leave a message and we will get back to you.

Where to find us

21 Albemarle Street, London, England, W1S 4BS

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