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TAZAAR at ISE Conference, Barcelona: Showcasing Innovation and Sustainability

Lisa Stafford

9 Jan 2024

This January 2024, TAZAAR marks its presence at the renowned Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) conference in Barcelona, a pivotal event for the AV and systems integration industries. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to experience TAZAAR’s innovative digital logbook firsthand at Reclaim’s Stand, located in the vibrant hub of Congress Square — CS434 — Discovery Zone.

Reclaim Audio, a proud UK-based manufacturer, is known for its commitment to sustainable practices in producing high-quality audio equipment for professional entertainment and service venues. The highlight of their display is the Greenwaves Solar-powered amplifier – a testament to their dedication to environmentally conscious technology. Reclaim is an esteemed TAZAAR early adopter, visitors can explore how Reclaim integrates TAZAAR’s digital logbooks into their products, centralising product information and history, enhancing traceability and ensuring compliance with emerging Digital Product Passport regulations.

TAZAAR’s participation at ISE is not just about showcasing it’s product but also about embedding itself in the industry’s future. Their digital product passport technology exemplifies the future of product lifecycle management. By capturing verified product information and service history from manufacture to end-of-life, TAZAAR enables seamless registration and aftersales services.

ISE serves as a global platform for AV and IT professionals to explore cutting-edge technologies, network with industry experts, and gain insights into market trends. TAZAAR’s presence at ISE is a strategic step towards understanding the latest in entertainment technology and obtaining valuable industry feedback on its sustainability and customer engagement solution.

For those keen to explore the future of sustainable AV technology and innovative digital solutions, TAZAAR’s showcase at ISE is an event not to be missed. Engage with us, understand our vision to use, reuse and recycle electronic sustainably, and be part of a circular future. If you’re interested in meeting with the TAZAAR team at ISE, please contact us through our website. Let’s connect and explore the possibilities together!


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